Saturday, February 7, 2009


I spent the past month unplugged, and enjoyed every second of it. When the laptop collects dust, and the cell phone isn't charged, life seems, I dunno, so much fuller.

I noticed many things; things I wouldn't if I had been sitting here painting a white screen with black letters.

I observed every morning, at precicely 7:17 a.m., the blue and gray sky peppered with black birds flying in from the marsh.

I realized that a 44 year old woman and an 8 year old boy actually have stimulating conversations.

I served jury duty and was quite pleased the young man with caramel colored skin took the plea offered to him, rather than facing the possibility of 25 years in prison and missing his youth altogether.

I reacquainted with old friends who I haven't seen in years, and enjoy their company immensely (and in fact am running out in about 30 minutes to meet up with one again).

I watched as Josh recovered from surgery waking from his anesthesia, and was then aware that I gave birth to the most amazing, beautiful, talented and gifted little boy in the universe. Piece of me.

I gained an appreciation for spirituality. Moreso than before.

I lost some coworkers in the bloodbath of this economy.

I realized that booking a Disney vacation during spring break for my family makes my head hurt and my eyes bleed. We're going to Disney World!

I spent hours volunteering in Josh's classroom, and those kids, they amaze me.

I reaffirmed, I still loathe winter and cold weather, but still love watching the snow fall. Go figure.

Colors are more vibrant. Laughter is louder. Farts are stinkier. I'm sure you get the picture.