Sunday, December 7, 2008

it feels just like starting over

Wellllllllllllll, I wonder how long I'll last here til someone makes a stupid change and I get all pissed off and take my ball and go home.

For now, I will just click my heels together and tell Toto that we're finally home. It might not be much at the moment, but a few coats of paint and some political spews from my fingers and all will be good again.

So, Obama doesn't know what to do with the $30 million in excess he has from his campaign. Odd that! The man's campaign still sends me daily emails groveling for donations. Pre-President-elect status he was asking for $5, $10 and $25. Post-President-elect status he is now emailing me asking for $250. WTF for?

Didn't he promise to pay down Hil's debt? Last I heard she still owed $7 million from her campaign. Ok, so now that I've spent $7 of his $30 million, who else needs help? It's Christmas for Christ's sake! Certainly there is a charity of some sort that money can go to if he doesn't want to stash it away for a 2012 run. Geesh. This isn't rocket science.

Anyone sad that OJ is going to jail for 9-33 years? His courtroom weep with no tears made me chuckle. Chuckle is a funny word. Say it three times. Sounds funny, doesn't it?

Ok, off to pick out paint, furniture, and some friends to visit me here. Is this what solitary confinement feels like?

*fist bump*


Jeankfl said...

Yea!!! Heather's here!!! I know, it's weird being here where no one knows you and there's no archives.. bizarre.. It's easy, everything is changed and added at the dashboard.. This place has changed a little over the last couple of years, but it always makes sense, and ADDS to the pages, not making it harder!!! You'll love it.. I'll go find Shupes place, too..

Shupe said...

***skipping in high****


I'm hoping that the whole government pulls their asses from their heads SOON! There is a lot to be done, and the little shit should be put aside for now until they really figure out what really needs to be done- asking for money from US should be the last thing on their minds! We give enough already-

well- here we go........ you and I again....... basically you and I were in the same boat before...... a little groupie with not much of a group to follow- and like you- till these folks go haywire on our privacy issues- I'm at home myself!
Yipee do da!
Miss you love!

Anonymous said...

Guess Who Sweetie? I am a visitor from space (s)I live in the northeast and know my beans! You are tempting me to jump. It ain't the same without my Lena. Miss you and Shupe. Ok I'm over reacting. I'll be back.

t i m said...

so this is where you're hiding at & if you bump into obama, tell him I've got a few ideas of how to spend his excess $30m

MizAngie said...

He should bail out General Motors.

How refreshing to leave a message without it showing up on my whatever page that everybody can see. It's really cutting into my stalking and sexual harrassment of multiple victims. I'll be over here soon...maybe during the Christmas holidays I'll have time to jump ship without drowning.

Anonymous said...

Remove "Adult Content Warning" - Check. You can still send those shots...I can always throw the warning back up.

Lena doesn't work directly for the auto "industry" (a term I use very loosely, to avoid cracking my skull falling down with laughter) - Check. Not to worry, though...I wouldn't lump you in with those nozzles even if you worked for Ford.

Don't get started on Obama, Hilbill or any of "those" types - Check. I'm showing amazingly superhuman restraint here, and should be amply rewarded. Free money for Christmas works. I'm working on my 501(c)3 as we speak. Checks of any amount can be made directly to me for now, thankyouverymuch.

Space looks great! Seems you're pretty well moved in and comfy's a pretty easy place to get a hold of and that's a nice change of pace, huh?

joell said...

Your new space looks great. I thought Barack was wanting to spread the wealth around...well, I'm waiting.
OJ...a long time coming if you ask me.

Enjoy your new digs. I'll be back and may make the jump my ownself before long...

Frana said...

nice new space!
you know, no matter who won the election they were going to give more hand outs to the rich.
Hugs Frana

dash deringer said...

I wonder just how much we'll be able to get away with here...?

Shall we dance...

PJB said...

I will be right behind soon as I have some spare time to get the new "Palace" built. LOL.

Wanna help me? ;)


skipratt said...

Just stopped by to show you some comment love and thank you for your comment on my blog.