Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Nanny 9-1-1

Are you kidding me?

Don't ask me why it's on in the background (CMT channel, whatever that stands for) but it is. If Josh ever told me to eff-off and spit at me, we'd be calling the funeral home to come pick his dead ass up off of the floor. Nanny 9-1-1. For real? Who the hell calls these shows to accent their poor parenting skills and their childrens' blatant disrespect.

I never would've gotten away with anything like that as a child, nor would I fathom trying. I knew a backhand would meet my cheek before I got the phrase out of my chubby little mouth.

I'm positive the 'parents' on these shows, and yes, I use that term very loosely, are the same people who advocate not keeping score during ball games; no failing grades; who think it's perfectly ok for their kids' feelings to never get hurt and allow them to experience what life is really about. Can ya say future thug?

I'm really appalled by some of the behavior of these folks. I thought the Osborne's was really a faux reality show for our entertainment only. Nope, people really live like that.

Dogs behave better than these kids. Does Cesar's whisper work on chillens too?


Shupe said...

OH- another reason I don't have cable to watch TV!!!!
I about come unglued at that show-
(BTW- CMT stands for Country Music Television- why is it aired on there?)
One show I watched while at a friends house on that channel though, is the rednecks wedding thing hosted by Tom Arnold! KILLS ME !!!
Just to show you who is amongst our wonderful states we live in!?!?
I think we only know the sain folk!

oh.......the backhand works fabulous!!!!!!!

kidding- actually, I've never made it to 3 with mine on the countdown- THEY WIG OUT Thinking I'll beat them to death-

Love you sugar!

Jeankfl said...

I think they're lazy SOB's that don't want to get off their fat a** and actually enforce any discipline on their kids. So they get little monsters, and then wring their hands and wonder why they're sooooo put upon!! I'm with Ang.. that's one reason I don't watch TV.. STUPID shows!!LOL
Oh, yeah.. I wouldn't have made it to three either!! And neither would the kids I've raised!!

dash deringer said...

I kinda know what shows you are talking about - but I don't really whatch reality t.v.... I never whatch reality t.v. - but I remember the beatings I took as a child - I can honestly say they worked - even though I twitch from time to time just thinking about them. 70% of those beatings where for discipline, 20% were for punishment (not the same as discipline) and 10% were pre-emptive strikes...

Anonymous said...

I was just talking to a good friend of mine tonight about this subject, and for my 2 Kenyan Shillings it boils down to this:

All the new-age, warm fuzzy, touchy feely bullshit is starting to backlash. Ya know why? Your kids have enough fucking friends. They need you to be a parent, and being a parent means you need to "man" up, quit worrying if your kids will like you, start giving them a reason to respect you (and that doesn't come from slapping them around) and set boundaries and consequences for crossing those boundaries. It needs to start as soon as they're born, because trying to become a parent to a teenager after trying and failing to be their buddy, after smoking dope and drinking with them, and after trying to live vicariously through them for 15 years doesn't work. It's a case of too little, too late at that point.

It just cements my belief that most people are idiots and should NEVER have children. Ever.

Present company excepted, of course.

Shupe - Why is it shown on CMT? Because you go where the audience (and the source material) is. ;)

t i m said...

stupid parents = stupid kids?

Anonymous said...

Remember the good old days when your mother could smack the shit outta ya in public if that's where you misbehaved? It only took once...

Liz said...

Hey Heather!

I see you decided to jump ship too! I'll make sure to add your new site to my "blogroll" thingy-ma-jobber!

I might need a show called PUPPY 9-1-1. Have a new and unruly (but very sweet) one here!

Enjoy your new online home. I can relate with the feeling isolated part. It just isn't the same, but think we'll be better off in the long run.

Have a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

Hear freakin' hear.

Either they don't want to invest the amount of energy it takes to make constant corrections to a kid's behavior, OR

they're so worried about being "friends" with their kids that they forget they're supposed to be "parents," OR

they're more worried about what people will think of them, as in, "Oh what a mean mommy, she spanked her kid" than worried about what kind of person they're raising.