Monday, December 15, 2008

Stupidity and Nipples

Before I start, I should say, I don't think nipples are stupid. I remember when mine were functional and lactating all over my feet in the shower. Good times! They haven't gotten much use since I tucked them into my waistband.

Friday, I took the day off and went Christmas shopping. First trip was to Sport's Authority to grab Josh a Ripstick along with a roll of bubblewrap for his protection. They had it in blue, it was on sale, there was no line, and life was good....until....

"Ma'am, would you like to purchase the ECT?" I cocked my head to the side and gave him my confused puppy look. So he elaborated. "It's the warranty, where ya know, if anything, ya know, gets broken or falls off, they, ya know, pretty much replace it for free. But I'm not sure how much it costs." To which I responded "alrighty then, give me two of them!". Never trust a boy whose name tag reads "Tater".

Then off to Toys-R-Us to find his "#1 Santa list wish" .... the Screaming Banshee. Apparently it is on top of every child's wish list, because it is impossible to find, and Amazon is backordered for 6 weeks. So I found some Lego's and a flask holder for my bike and proceeded to the register. I swipe my credit card and sign the pen pad which always amuses me because my signature winds up looking like some heiroglyphics found on a cave wall. The girl at the register tells me she needs to verify my signature so she needs to see my card. I'm thinking, hey good luck with that, so I pull out my driver's license as well just knowing the two signatures are not even close. WRONG. Little girl stares at my credit card, stares at the receipt, stares at the card some more, stares at the receipt and hands everything to me and wishes me a nice day. I'm thinking, are you kidding me? I could be out popping mailboxes in the hood and stealing credit cards, signing them, and taking me a big fat rich lady vacation somewhere fo shiz!

If I ever get laid off my job, I know a job will await me in retail. Stupidity.

Having spent time at two stores, I could take no more. I like to pace myself. So I stopped by the bakery supply shop, picked up a gingerbread house kit, and spent all weekend with Josh and my 17-year old nephew, Danny, with his 17-year old smutty little mind, putting it together.

We erect (hehe, I said erect) the walls, glue 'em together with the frosting, and put the roof on. I then slather the frosting which is the consistency of toothpaste and non-spreadable on the roof. They are eating all of the candy while I am elbow deep in white goo.

Hey Einsteins, wanna stick some of the candy to the frosting before it sets up like concrete? So Josh is methodically placing his little gumdrops across the roof in a colorful pattern, and I look over at Danny's side because he's giggling to himself. He has two pink gumdrops sticking out of the roof. "Hey Auntie Heather, what's this look like?" Nipples. Josh says "those aren't nickels, nickels are silver!" OY!

So we get all the little stained glassed windows in place, the steps, the shrubs, the trees, the boy, the girl, the blah and the blah, and there was actually left over candy. So nipple boy decides he wants to spread the colorful little dots all over the cardboard base. So I slather the remainder of frosting which had to be thinned twice all over the exposed cardboard and he and Josh sprinkle the remaining candy around the house. Josh lets out a scream. "Danny, pick up the little yellow balls! Mommy told me never to eat the yellow snow!" OY! (again)

I need to find my ho kinda ho spirit. Oh here he comes, singing Jingle Bells at the top of his lungs.


Jeankfl said...

LOL Boys... gotta love 'em... or kill them, and we can't get away with that. :) Sounds like a good weekend project, and they did a great job with the decorations! And you did great with the glue... um.. frosting!LOL Yeah.. the waistband catches a lot, anymore, eh? I got a gingerbread house kit for the little girls to do when they get here THIS WEEK!!!!!!! I can't believe they're almost here!! C'mon.. get in the Christmas spirit! You'll enjoy it, just cause Josh does.. you know you will, you're just a big kid like me!LOL

Shupe said...

first thought

You've got the nipple pasties right there in front...all swirly too and shtuff!

LMAO- damn I love that boy! shit I miss all of you so much.

and I know you're in the Christmas spirit if YOU took off ANY time at work!

cheers baibeeeeee!


dash deringer said...

You know what...? you're right... these aren't God damn words!!!

Liz Martin's Foto Trek said...

I read this earlier, but didn't have time to comment. Very funny stuff! Liz

jill said...

you blog title caught my attention....and you had me from "tucked them into my waistband."

great read.....i chuckled at memories of teenagers and their inappropriate comments. yea for Josh - "nickels" lol

Kelly said...

I am so envious of your gingerbread house. Ours always looks like a tornado hit it.

Anonymous said...

meheh, you said "ho."

At least the boys wanted to make a gingerbread house with you, nipples and yellow snow regardless. And it's a great little house.

I don't know if you should be allowed to get a job if you still call yourself by the nickname "Tater." And if your real name is "Tater," you need to upgrade to a nickname like "Theodore" or "Thomas" or "Potato."

Mr. Mysterioso said...

So up to your old tricks again I see. Being witty and clever and writing an entertaining blog. Thanks for your visit nemero uno. I'm passed the ranting stage. Wonderful b&w pictures of Josh and a wonderful holiday to you and your family.
She's alive! SHE'S ALIVE!!

PS I like nipples and you said erect heh heh heh...

YELLOW said...

cool house, cool interests as well, photgraphy, and and of course nipple. Had ot be said.

Be safe


Jeankfl said...

That Josh is some boy. I love his answer to the coach! You're doing a great job, Heather..
Merry Christmas!

YELLOW said...

Just wanted to wish you and the ones you love a very merry CHristmas. Look forward to reading you in 2009.

Be safe


Nooner said...